Using Chartbuilder

4 August 2013

I’m obsessed with Chartbuilder, the new open-source tool to make beautiful graphs just like Quartz. So far, I’ve mostly used it to display some of the data collected by my Fitbit Flex (which I import to Google spreadsheets using this Quantified Self tutorial).

Like the distance I walked in July:


And the hours I slept:


Before Chartbuilder I just relied on the graphs in Google spreadsheets, but this is so easy and so beautiful that I’ll likely continue breaking my stats out by month. I like displaying my data in terms of months because it acts like as a journal. The lower distances measured at the beginning of the month? That was when I was home in Charlotte, where I have a car (and don’t have to set an alarm). The night I only slept three hours? I was up late finishing this book.

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