Goals for 2015, inspired by my self-tracking

5 January 2015

Last year was the fifth year that I’ve consciously tracked things about my life but the first where I felt I found a routine that worked well enough for me to consistently track. In the past, many of my efforts have lasted only a few months — they were mostly designed to measure efforts toward a goal, and then abandoned after the goal was met or my priorities changed. But mostly, my efforts ended because tracking became too onerous. I’d miss a day, then two or three, and then, frustrated by the broken streak of data, would abandon the whole thing. But advancements in technology have really helped make it easier for me to track, and accordingly much more likely to do so. About half of the self-tracking I do now is automatic, while the rest I log manually.

For the first time in 2014, I did a year-end summary out of the things I tracked. Putting this together made me realize a few things about how I spend my time and what I prioritize, and also helped me set a few goals for the upcoming year. Among them:

  • I want to spend more time learning Python. At the Hear Me Code classes I’ve taken and in the work I’ve done on my own, I’ve found coding to be enjoyable and and it feels very intuitive. I think it’s something I could be good at if I worked harder at it.
  • I want to do more personal writing. I wrote semi-regularly in a journal for the first time since high school this year, and it made me feel calmer and less stressed. I’d like to write here more often as well.
  • I want to be more active.I spend way more of my day sedentary than I would like. In September, I started doing yoga and I plan to continue that. But I’d also like to run more (it would be hard to run less…).
  • I want to cook more and eat better. I find it challenging to cook for one in a tiny kitchen. I set off my smoke detector a lot. But I always enjoy the end result and I should do it more often. I should also stop eating doughnuts and Coke for breakfast.
  • I want to read more non-fiction books by women. Last year, women made up 70 percent of the authors I read, but all wrote either fiction or memoirs.

Modest goals, right? Here’s to 2015!