Charlottesville 10-miler

23 March 2015

I ran the Charlottesville 10-miler on Saturday!

Charlottesville 10-miler

I signed up for the race at the suggestion of a friend, Laura, who also ran it Saturday (and who snapped the picture above as I approached the finish line). In the weeks leading up to the race, I was incredibly nervous. My training started out strong, but it felt like every few weeks I had some kind of new injury. In February, it was my hip, and in March, my left knee started to hurt so badly that even walking became painful. On Saturday, literally my only two goals were to run the race entirely and to finish before they reopened the roads (friends assured me I could definitely pull this off, but I wasn’t sure, given my knee). I ended up doing much better than that, and my pace overall was about a minute faster than I averaged while training. (That said, a 78-year-old beat me, by a lot.)

The race starts on UVA’s campus, wrapping around the football stadium first before heading through the main campus and along the now infamous Rugby Road. Then the course heads through downtown C-ville and along the Downtown Mall. Next it loops through a neighborhood before going back through the Mall (where I saw my favorite sign: “You know there are easier ways to get a banana, right?”) and campus.

It’s a really nice course, and even the hills — some of which were described as “seemingly unending” in our race packets — were bearable. After, Laura and I celebrated with an amazing brunch at the Bluegrass Grill & Bakery. I would totally run this race again, but for the next few weeks at least my plan is to rest easy and take a break from running.

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